“Ultimate truth is free from all human concion”

“Knowledge can never be the truth. Truth is only that which is in creation. To know the truth you must have to negate all past knowledge”


Author of Life's Map

Mayank Tiwari is the author of ‘Life’s Map’ author and Designer by Profession. Mayank will be writing his future book under the Name Pratyagam which means ‘ Return Again’. Mayank’s Motivation for writing came from, A misfortune in his life to lose his brother which changed a lot about him in a matter of a few months. His focus is now shifted to find the true meaning and purpose of life. Through his first book, Life’s Map, he is sharing with the world his journey of transformation. He now sees his larger purpose of life as to set humans free from all bondage and find the ultimate reality. Professionally Mayank is Leading the team of Designer in the world’s leading Software MNC and holds several patents. Mayank is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur.